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Y2K is an established company specialising in:

Extract, Transform and Load technologies, as well as the development of software solutions in all variants of Pick.



Y2K Consultants Ltd.
Provides services within the computing industry.
It specialises in two particular areas: the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool Datastage; and in the Pick operating system / relational database in similar flavours such as UniData, UniVerse, Reality, D³ and Advanced Pick.

Company Details:

Y2K Consultants Ltd.
Telephone: +44(0)1908 510 740     Mobile: +44(0)781 554 2909
4 Kitelee Close, Hanslope,
Milton Keynes, MK19 7JT
email: enquires@y2kconsultants.co.uk
Registered Company number: 3411748
VAT Registration number: 772 0297 28

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