Mr Jean-Christian WINTHER
Tel.: 0781 554 2909 (mobile)
01908 510740 (home)
4 Kitelee Close
Born 09 February 1958 in Paris; nationality Danish;
Bucks. MK19 7JT almost fluent in French and Danish
Primary Skills:
Languages: DataStage, Data-Basic, PROC/Proverb and RPL, Access/ENGLISH/Retrieve , also A*L*L and Cue-Bic.
Applications: Defra ERDP (England Rural Development Programme) schemes, Car leasing, eCRM and call-centre applications, Sales Order Processing, Manufacturing, Publishing and Library systems.
Platforms: Datastage on Unix and Windows NT, 2000, XP; UniData on Unix and NT etc., Advanced Pick and D_ on IBM RS6000's and Aptiva PC's; UniVerse and Unidata on RS6000's and NT Servers; Reality on Motorola and Series X
Terminal Emulations etc: Dynamic Connect, wIntegrate; Host Access / Termite; FTP
Employment History:

Brakes Group, Enterprise House, Eureka Park, Ashford, Kent TG25 4AG. July 13 to date
Analysis, development and testing using DataStage Enterprise Edition version 8.7 on a Data Migration project to facilitate a change in Business practices with respect to the Pricing module along with Brakes' upgrade to SAP ECC6.

IBM UK at HSBC, Bermuda House, Castle Business Park, Stirling, FK9 4TS. September 2012 to July 13
Analysis, estimating, development in DataStage Enterprise Edition, unit and system testing and documentation of new change requests in the Asset Servicing and Custody Data modules. Extensive use of TOAD and UNIX shell scripting as well as DataBasic routines.

IBM UK at Weir Group P&I, Pegasus House, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, East Kilbride, G75 0RD. January to July 2012
Development of new Management Accounting reporting system importing data from a number of DB2 iSeries and SAP systems (via SQL Server), using DataStage Enterprise Edition 8.7 on Windows, into a DB2 warehouse staging area for import into a COGNOS reporting suite. In-depth analysis of requirements with client, associated development and stringent testing and documentation.

Sopra Group, Queensway House, 1 Queensferry Terrace, Edinburgh, EH4 3ER. October to December 2011
ETL analysis and development work using DataStage version 8.1 and SQL to populate Oracle tables with Mortgage data for reporting purposes for Tesco Bank.

IBM UK, 1 New Square, Bedfont Lakes, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 8H. 29/11-10 to 02/12-10
Give DX444 DataStage 8.1 Enterprise Edition course to Lloyds TSB at the Training Centre in Edinburgh.

DOT Group, Unit 23 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0QJ. October 08 to July 11
ETL analysis and development work at Brakes Group using DataStage version 8.0 then 8.1 to extract and import IDocs from and into SAP, and data from and into other sources for a message broking / ERP system (written in DataStage) . The staging area is based around Oracle 10g tables and DataStage datasets. Partake in exhaustive development, testing, bug fixing, UAT and documentation. This very complicated solution made full use of v8 functionality in Sequences and Jobs, incorporating SQL and UNIX scripts in a real-time and reactive environment.

CDS Global, Tower House, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough, LE16 9EF. March to July 08
ETL analysis and development work using DataStage version 7.5 to create and populate a number of Redbrick data marts from the Informix source systems and / or the Redbrick data warehouses. Incorporated automatic address/PAF functionality using the Cygnus software into the warehouse refresh process.

Nordea, Helgeshøj Alle 67, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark, - November 06 to March 08
DataStage development work using DataStage version 7.5 to populate a SAP database with data from a large number of the Bank's databases, complying with the Basel2 EU Directive.

IBM Global Services (UK) Ltd., Hursley Park, Winchester, SO21 2JN, - November 05 to the October 06

Work at: DEFRA., Epsom Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2LD
DataStage development work using DataStage version 7.5 to populate an Avian Influenza Oracle data mart from a number of sources, transforming the data through various databases into the output data model format. Includes working with SQL, Oracle stored procedures, Business Objects reporting and UNIX scripting.

SunGard Sherwood Systems Group. Sherwood House, Eastworth Road, Chertsey Surrey, KT16 8SH, - March 05 to October 05
Work at: DEFRA.,3-8 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HH
Development project to take extracted RPA data from high volume XML files, using the DataStage XML plug-in, validate and transform the data into various streams, and populate the existing Claim To Pay (CTP) UniData file system. Also use the XML writer to produce XML files from multi-valued (un-normalised) files.
Dot Group., Unit 23 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0QJ

Work at: Associated Newspapers Ltd., Derry Road, London - July 04 to February 05
Contract work on the development of a new Unix-based, Oracle Data Warehouse for Associated Newspapers' Advertising data, which is continuously updated using DataStage version 7 and Oracle stored procedures. Include populating Fact and Dimension tables, and maintaining Foreign keys relationships between the tables.

Work at: POLK in St Albans. 4 day contract giving a DataStage Fundamentals and Advanced course in DataStage version 7.

Work at: DHL, Copenhagen - May 04 to July 04

Contract work on the final stages of a pilot project building interfaces in DataStage version 7 to load data into SAP financial applications using IDOCS.

Defra., Ergon House, Horseferry Rd, London, SW1P 2AL - April 02 to April 04
Defra is the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Contract work using DataStage version 6.0 on a large Data Migration project, converting Defra's legacy systems' data into a new application. The role involves analysis, defining mapping and validation rules, data modelling, Datastage coding, Unibasic coding and testing. Major modules worked on include land- and project-based schemes.

Dot Group., Unit 23 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0QJ - 12/03/04
1 day contract giving a DataStage Administration course to a client of, and on behalf of, Ascential.

Dot Group., Unit 23 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0QJ - 01/12/03 to 04/12/03
4 day contract giving a DataStage Fundamentals course in DataStage version 7, to some customers of Ascential Software at Ascential's headquarters in Feltham, Middlesex. Dot Group were acting on behalf of Ascential in providing a trainer.

Dot Group., Unit 23 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, Chelsea, SW10 0QJ - 22/09/03 to 26/09/03
5 day contract giving a 3 day DataStage Fundamentals course in DataStage version 6, and a 2 day Advanced DataStage course, to the Raiffaisen Bank in Zagreb, Croatia. Dot Group were acting on behalf of Ascential France in providing a trainer.

LeasePlan UK Ltd., 165 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4AA - May 01 to March 02
Contract work using DataStage version 4.1 on a Data Migration project, converting Dial UK's data from a DEC VAX system through Oracle gateways, onto LeasePlan's AS400 system. The role is primarily DataStage coding, testing, analysis, some data modelling and some project management. Major modules worked on include Customers; Vehicles; Vehicle Maintenance; Drivers; and the manipulation of data necessary for the conversion, using the advantages and strengths of the underlying DataStage database engine (UniVerse).

Infercor AS, Karl Johans Gate 2, 0154 OSLO, Norway - June 00 to April 01

Permanent role as Product Development Manager, firstly involved with the support and enhancement of the Infer eCRM application for Care Direct in Athens, then working on bespoke customer enhancements for AMF (Data Warehousing project), and if...forsikring (new front end and the extended proof of concept project). Exposure to the Business Objects reporting system.

McGraw Hill Ltd., Maidenhead, Buckinghamshire - March 00 to May 00
Contract work writing bespoke reports and functionality for large publishing company.

Trilogy Computers, Sovereign Court, 232 Upper Fifth Street, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HR - Dec. 96 to Feb. 00
Contract role as Helpdesk support analyst for Trilogy Computers providing support on various hardware, primarily and IBM RS6000's running Advanced Pick on AIX, but also Pick on Ultimate and Bull platforms, IBM Aptiva PC's.

Software support and maintenance of a large, complex Publishing sales order processing and ledgers package called CISPUB release 6 written in PICK/Data-Basic. This led to exposure to Cue-Bic, and experience in Sales Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Fixed Assets, Subscriptions, Advert Booking System, Accounts Payable and Commissions modules. Developments to CISPUB release 8, written in UniVerse Data-Basic to introduce VAT and Intra-stats into the Accounts Payable module.

Also software support and maintenance of a Manufacturing package called SMI written in RPL. Experience in manufacturing and business control aspects of the package. Development of Kanban enhancements to the SMI manufacturing package. Development and implementation of Invoice Logging enhancements to the SMI manufacturing package.

August 98 to July 99

Development work using Ascential's DataStage data conversion tool as part of a very large project to convert Dun & Bradstreet's German company data from a Mainframe to an SQL-compliant database.

MDIS, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7HU - January 96 to November 96

Support and maintenance of a Central Reservations package for the hotel industry, written in PASCAL running on a Btrieve database over Novell networked PC's and Server.

November 91 to December 95

Management of the support and maintenance functions for the Library application URICA, written in Data-Basic and PROC, including 'hands-on' work. The support team ranged from 2 to 4 people depending on availability and outstanding work. Project Management of customer upgrades to UNIX Motorola systems. Improved customer relations through providing an improved and more professional support service. Greatly enhanced an existing fault recording system into a management information system providing statistics and reports, also allowing customers to send in fault logs and queries by email, as well as providing a program audit trail and an automated software delivery system. Administration and operation of various MDIS machines including two UNIX Motorola Series X systems, a Reality Series 19 system, an RS6000 running AIX, and Novell networked PC's and Server. Developed and ran a training course in the computer language PROC. Installation of PRO IV and ORACLE onto the RS6000 as part of the development of a new Libraries application.

July 89 to October 91

Set up a support team, including its recruitment, management, appraisals and reviews, evolving and documenting standards and all operational procedures. The team was formed to take on the support, maintenance and development of the following bespoke applications written in the 4GL language A*L*L: a rail operating cost information system for London Underground, an Investment Accounting System for Tameside MBC, and a Vendor Payable system for American Express. Promoted from Team Leader to Product Manager. Project Management of the development and software enhancements for London Underground, completed within budget and timescales. Also support, maintenance and development of the RESULTS Ledgers and RESULTS Payroll packages, written in Data-Basic and PROC.

October 86 to October 91

Support, maintenance and development of the SMI manufacturing system, written in RPL. Promoted from Analyst Programmer to Team Leader.

January 84 to May 86

Support, maintenance and development of various in-house Commercial and Manufacturing applications written in Data-Basic, RPL and PROC.

Farrow Laing & Partners, Marshalltown, Republic of South Africa - January 83 to June 83
Freelance quantity surveyor.

LTA Civil Engineering, Kempton Park, Republic of South Africa - May 81 to December 82
Site Engineer.

Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. September 71 to July 75
A'Levels in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry
Lancaster University, Lancashire. October 76 to June 80
Second class honours degree in Engineering (B. Sc.), including 1 year in industry
TOPS computer training course, October 83 to January 84
Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle Reporting courses, numerous courses regarding the UNIX operating system, Quality Programmes, Project Management, the Management Modular Programme, Structured Systems Analysis and Design
Work: Mr Chris Holuj, Director, NetEyeT Ltd., 5 Bourton Grounds, Buckingham, MK18 7DX. Telephone: 01280 823331; Email:
Mr Brian Fogg, Director, BCS Data Ltd., 40 Seymour Road, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 3JG
Telephone: 01395 260136; Fax: 01395 260136; Email:
Personal: Mr David Clements, 6 Dean Way, Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5GB. Telephone: 01296 6318443
Mr Alex Harris, 4 Ninevah Shipyard, River Road, Arundel, West Sussex. Telephone: 01798 812195